Today, during my tedious and seemingly endless commute to work, I inadvertently – I mean deliberately and safe-driver defensively –  checked my rearview mirror while coming to a (complete)stop for a red light  just to make sure I was not going to be rear ended, when I noticed the strangest thing about the car behind me.  The car was an older model, rusty, something-or-other with a bad paint job and a broken mirror.  Not that remarkable, you say?  Well, perhaps not…on a normal day.  This however seemed not to be a normal day.

I have been commuting to work now for over oh, let’s just say somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple deca…er…years, and have never seen anything comparable.  And I have seen some strange things during rush hour:  women putting on their makeup, drying their hair, and brushing and/or styling their hair; men shaving, women shaving; people reading newspapers or magazines behind the wheel (God’s honest truth); kids steering, passengers steering, and no one steering; people yawning, people laughing, people singing, and people in a trance; people showing off their manicures, their jewelry, their specific fingers and their true colors.  But today, I saw, in the car behind me…..hate-to-miss-breakfast-guy eating an entire corn on the cob, buttered, with both hands.  For reals. Both hands off the steering wheel; one hand on the left side of the cob, one on the right side of the cob…looking as satisfied and fulfilled as if he had just eaten a delectable  5-star-restaurant quality entree.  Mmmm. Mmmm. Good.

So what does hate-to-miss-breakfast guy have to do with my DISTRACTIONS post, you ask?  Well, nothing really.  I just wanted to report my observation from this morning and relate it to the following photographs that I have taken in the past.  These photographs all have a distraction in common: what I was trying to shoot and what I ended up shooting.  Can you tell the difference?

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