It’s a fine line…

A line is a straight one-dimensional figure having no thickness and extending infinitely in both directions.  The equation of a line is y = mx + b (that’s for all my mathematicians!  And yes, I do realize that equation is the slope-intercept form.)

Lines can run parallel or perpendicular.  We can travel the world via cruise line or airline.  Why not sail across a river gorge on a zip line or sail a boat using a jib line?  We can cross a line or draw the line.  Sometimes lives are forever changed by pickup lines, party lines and picket lines. There are some who define the world with hard lines, fine lines or blurred lines, even straight and narrow lines.

We get in lines, wait in lines, color inside the lines, and tow the line…at least those of us with a certain upbringing anyway.  We can read headlines, bylines, tag lines and between the lines.  We begin at the starting line and end at the finish line.  And to flat line can mean the end of the line.

Lines have tremendous visual appeal to me.  These are some of my favorite photographs with prominent lines.


Today, during my tedious and seemingly endless commute to work, I inadvertently – I mean deliberately and safe-driver defensively –  checked my rearview mirror while coming to a (complete)stop for a red light  just to make sure I was not going to be rear ended, when I noticed the strangest thing about the car behind me.  The car was an older model, rusty, something-or-other with a bad paint job and a broken mirror.  Not that remarkable, you say?  Well, perhaps not…on a normal day.  This however seemed not to be a normal day.

I have been commuting to work now for over oh, let’s just say somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple deca…er…years, and have never seen anything comparable.  And I have seen some strange things during rush hour:  women putting on their makeup, drying their hair, and brushing and/or styling their hair; men shaving, women shaving; people reading newspapers or magazines behind the wheel (God’s honest truth); kids steering, passengers steering, and no one steering; people yawning, people laughing, people singing, and people in a trance; people showing off their manicures, their jewelry, their specific fingers and their true colors.  But today, I saw, in the car behind me…..hate-to-miss-breakfast-guy eating an entire corn on the cob, buttered, with both hands.  For reals. Both hands off the steering wheel; one hand on the left side of the cob, one on the right side of the cob…looking as satisfied and fulfilled as if he had just eaten a delectable  5-star-restaurant quality entree.  Mmmm. Mmmm. Good.

So what does hate-to-miss-breakfast guy have to do with my DISTRACTIONS post, you ask?  Well, nothing really.  I just wanted to report my observation from this morning and relate it to the following photographs that I have taken in the past.  These photographs all have a distraction in common: what I was trying to shoot and what I ended up shooting.  Can you tell the difference?