Stillness of New Year’s Eve eve

It is still on this eve of a coming new year.

So before all the revelry and parties draw near,

Before champagne toasts, funny hats and good cheer,

Before to-do lists are written and resolutions are signed,

Before ringing out the old with an Auld Lang Syne,

Take time to think of all that is dear,

For now is the quiet before a new year.

In this quiet, I am taking  time to reflect on the past year.  Celebrating the successes, getting over the hurts, and remembering the little things that made me smile.  Snowflakes falling off branches and making angels in the snow. A game of hide-and-go-seek when you think you’e too old.

How to find beauty in everyday items of life is sometimes all that I need to know.

Colored Glasses









Early morning icicles













Amber bottle in the window













A perfect apple






Sugar cubes











Dinner mints










Edge of the leaf










Clock on the wall














Frosty holiday

The beauty of winter is upon us.

Colorado’s Front Range does not often see a white Christmas.  In fact, we have only seen one inch of snow on the ground in 37 percent of our Christmases over the past 111 years.   This year we have A LOT of snow on the ground…over a foot at our house.

This Christmas morning was covered in snow with a dusting of frost.  Catching frost in the sunlight at just the right angle can be magical.