An afternoon mall crawl

It seemed like a perfect day for a saunter down the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado.  The quintessential pedestrian mall was teeming with tourists, students, Boulderites, shoppers, sightseers, musicians, wannabe musicians, and very bendy buskers who can contort themselves to fit into small boxes or walk along on stilts while juggling burning torches.  You can even rent a bike…you know, that whole eco-transportation thing.

The colors are vibrant, the smells tantalizing, and the people are fun to watch.  Several of the street musicians were actually very good.  An adorable little girl seemed pretty taken with one guy’s tunes!

Oh, and I discovered my new favorite store….Penzeys Spices.  I wonder if there’s a recipe on the internet that uses both Vietnamese cinnamon and Chinese five spice?