You never really leave home

I left Wisconsin for Colorado 32 years ago.  I’m living a wonderful life in Colorado with an amazing family and dear friends.  But every once in awhile, I get a little homesick.  My trip back to visit family and old friends a couple weeks ago was a lot of things…joyful, tearful, delightful, and even frightful once around the campfire.  We shared wonderful meals, laughter, old stories, and memories.  The people you come from shape who you are.  But the place you come from is the backdrop for all the memories.  The places even become memories themselves…the Queen’s Chair, the Fort, the Res, and the Woods.  On Wisconsin.

A cloudy day in Montana

On this day, dark gray clouds enhanced the colors of the world.  Greens emerged more emerald. Blues turned a deeper violet.  Yellows brightened in contrast, and pinks, reds and purples deepened their blush.  This is for Mom and Jerry.  LYMY.


By definition, a blemish is an imperfection.  A wrinkle is a fold, crease or ridge in the skin…typically a side effect of aging (and living!) or soaking your hands and/or feet in water too long.  Cracks are for sidewalks, not faces. Freckles are appreciated and admired by some and a source of consternation to others (for those who have ever tried lemon juice and Porcelana cream, you know what I’m talking about).  Rust can either diminish your car’s value or enhance your building’s patina.  And who doesn’t think dimples aren’t the cutest things ever?

I believe that our “flaws” are what make the world beautiful; stretch marks and all.

Against daylight

Sounds like the opening of a terrific rant, right?  A rant that could be somewhat fitting in today’s climate of against-ness: political finger pointing and fault finding, economic blaming, moral side taking, and overall polarization.  “I’m against daylight.  It wakes me up, makes me squint (which will inevitably cause deep wrinkles), forces me to buy special tinted prescription glasses, and has been known to turn my skin a shocking shade of crimson.”  I could go on and on.

But I won’t (I can feel your relief from here).

Against daylight or contre-jour (look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls) refers to the deliberate use of backlighting a subject.  A silhouette emphasizing shapes and outlines.  This high-contrast technique can produce some striking results.